We presently confront the greatest challenges ever faced by humanity, as escalating climate disruptions, risks of terrorism and nuclear war, and the 6th Great Extinction threaten us, society, and our species as a whole. We must create a new North Star to guide us from our current path onto a healthy sustainable path that leads to a successful future. The combination of healthy and sustainable visions, models, and practices provides such a North Star that is accompanied by practical tools, so we can responsibly create a world that works for all.

We can now practice the 12-Step Program synthesized from the course corrections introduced in Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future. To help empower you to apply these steps to create a successful future, we at Healthy-Sustainable-Living.org intend to develop webinars that further describe how to use each of these 12 steps in our everyday lives. We can then teach the steps to other people to create a grassroots movement designed to help us survive and thrive both personally and as a species.  You can access the webinars in which you are interested, as they become available, by clicking on the step in the 12-Step map on the Home page.

We can use your support to create such webinars, as well as to develop additional tools to empower people worldwide to participate in creating a healthy sustainable future. Developing these webinars and tools require a combination of hard work and financial support.

Please invest in our effort to create a healthy sustainable future, while we still have this historic opportunity. You can contribute any amount you choose to help us provide practical tools and visions to people throughout the world to take grassroots responsibility to create a healthy sustainable future. Simply click the PayPal button below and invest in your personal, family, as well as humanity’s and the planet’s future.