Healthy Living Questionnaire App

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The Healthy Living App enables you to develop the ideal life that only you can choose and create. Due to our limited human consciousness, we normally only consider one or two health issues at one time, such as focusing on physical health or economic health. Yet, when you consider all twelve dimensions that contribute to your health, you finally have the opportunity to create the full healthy life that you desire and deserve.

The Healthy Living Questionnaire app enables you to examine and improve your functioning in each of the 12 dimensions of health. For instance, you can first identify your current health status across each of the dimensions. You can then choose how you would like to function in each area, set goals, and then specify actions to achieve your goals. Later, you can clarify how each dimension coordinates with others, so you produce the healthy, balanced life that you now have the opportunity to create.

You can expand the use of the App by reading chapter 1 in Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future. It further describes how to interpret and continue building on your results, as well as how to identify your ultimate purposes in life and how to consciously contribute to your living legacy.

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