Healthy Living Questionnaire App

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The Healthy Living App enables you to develop the ideal life that only you can choose and create. Due to our limited human consciousness, we normally only consider one or two health issues at one time, such as focusing on physical health or economic health. Yet, when you consider all twelve dimensions that contribute to your health, you finally have the opportunity to create the full healthy life that you desire and deserve.

The Healthy Living Questionnaire app enables you to examine and improve your functioning in each of the 12 dimensions of health. For instance, you can first identify your current health status across each of the dimensions. You can then choose how you would like to function in each area, set goals, and then specify actions to achieve your goals. Later, you can clarify how each dimension coordinates with others, so you produce the healthy, balanced life that you now have the opportunity to create.

You can expand the use of the App by reading chapter 1 in Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future. It further describes how to interpret and continue building on your results, as well as how to identify your ultimate purposes in life and how to consciously contribute to your living legacy.

If you find this Healthy Living App helpful to improve particular areas of your life or your life as a whole, you may be interested in additional apps. These apps will be designed to help you improve healthy functioning in your relationships and throughout different areas of life.

We are willing to develop additional free apps, if you are willing to use them. For instance, please let us know if you will use similar apps designed to improve healthy functioning as a couple, as a parent, or improve healthy living in the workplace, your organizations, community, state, or nation. Please fill out the form below to let us know which apps you would actually use. If we get enough interest, then we will be glad to develop the designated apps and share them for free to initiate the grassroots movement needed to transform us into a healthy sustainable future.

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If you choose to help improve healthy living with any of these apps, you will be contributing to the development of a grassroots movement to improve healthy functioning from the personal to local to global levels. You will act on the change that you want to see in the world.

We at want to do all we can to create a healthy sustainable world that works for all, while we still can. To accomplish this vital goal, we want to provide practical tools, free of charge whenever possilbe, to anyone who wants to step up and help improve healthy functioning in their personal lives and throughout the world.

For us to develop and distribute these free apps requires hard work and, of course, additional expenses. We would certainly appreciate your support in these efforts to help people throughout the world with these free, practical tools to improve healthy functioning in their lives. While we still have the opportunity to make a positive difference for ourselves, and ultimately, for all humanity, please contribute any amount you choose to support these grassroots efforts to transform the world. Simply click the PayPal button below to contribute. Thank you! And power to us–the people!