Transform the World into a Healthy Sustainable Future

Transform the World
Into a Healthy and Sustainable Future

This book confronts the ultimate challenge facing humanity—do we continue to evolve, or do we tragically devolve into destruction? Climate disruptions, wars, and the 6th Great Extinction threaten our future. We urgently need the new visions and practical tools introduced in this book to continue our success and survival on the planet.

Two particular course corrections will ultimately determine our future. We must fulfill these two essential needs in life—health (to grow, as we avoid sickness and suffering) and sustainability (to maintain, as we prevent destruction and death). Yet, we lack the cognitive capacities, the consciousness, and the comprehensive tools necessary to meet these crucial needs.

This book introduces a toolbox of models and practices to expand our normal consciousness, so we can systematically develop healthy living and sustainable living. Individuals, families, businesses, and the world community can apply these tools and cooperatively activate healthy sustainable lifestyles.

Twelve major course corrections combine to accelerate this shift from our present unsustainable path onto a healthy sustainable path. These course corrections include: how to improve healthy living for individuals, all levels of society, and the planet, while systematically healing problems that occur in each of these areas. Additional course corrections include: expanding our consciousness to value the whole world and managing our minds to integrate our five evolutionary brains, as we learn to apply advanced skills in relationships, parenting, and peaceful living. We also have to update our institutions, particularly our capitalist economic system, to serve healthy sustainable living as the highest priority in life.

Guided by a global ethical system, we finally have a map on how to stay within the natural boundaries essential for life. Then, guided by a universal ethical system, we can progressively awaken our untapped spiritual, evolutionary, and human being potentials. We then have the opportunities to fulfill our higher purposes in life that include how to create a successful bridge into the future in which people and the planet survive and flourish.

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Tom Bougsty is also the author of:

Healthy Sustainable Living
A Vision for the Future of Humanity

We must be alive before we can create success in any other areas of life. Continued life depends upon our fulfilling two essential needs: healthy living (to grow and prevent sickness and suffering) and sustainable living (to maintain and avoid destruction and death).

This book introduces visions and practices that apply universally to people. Connecting with our core functioning as humans, we can finally succeed with how to live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet. For instance, a Global Ethical Living Model provides a simple map of reality from which we can evaluate both the evolutionary and devolutionary consequences of all our actions. As an example, we can comprehensively evaluate the destructive threats posed by fossil fuel use, so we can then choose constructive solutions that promote our continued successful evolution.

We finally have tools to help us make responsible decisions on how to live in harmony with ourselves, other people, the environment, and evolution, so we can create a successful, healthy sustainable future. (A condensed version of this book is woven into chapter 2 in the Transform the World book.)


Tom Bougsty is also the author of:

Healthy Living:
How to Create a Personal Health Plan

This book introduces a comprehensive vision for healthy living, so we can finally develop health as a whole person. A Healthy Living Model provides an integrated vision of health, so we can analyze and coordinate the twelve major dimensions that contribute to a healthy, full life.

A Healthy Living Questionnaire enables us to assess, set goals, and choose actions in each of these health dimensions. In these ways, we step into the role of artist who envisions the life that we choose and then we act as the architect who consciously designs our ideal life. In the process, we become the master of our life. Simultaneously, we can intentionally contribute to a lasting legacy to benefit our children, humanity, and the planet.

Most importantly, healthy living produces the necessary foundation upon which to build sustainable living. (An updated version of this book is presented in chapter 1 of the Transform the World book.)

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Free Healthy Living Questionnaire

The Healthy Living Questionnaire enables us to develop the ideal life that only we can create. Due to our limited human consciousness, we normally consider one or two health issues at a time, such as focusing on physical health or economic health. Yet, when we consider all twelve dimensions that contribute to health, we can finally create the whole healthy life that only we can do.

The Healthy Living Questionnaire app enables us to examine and improve our functioning in each of the 12 dimensions of health. For instance, you can first identify your current health status across each area. You can then choose your desired functioning in each dimension, set goals, and then specify actions to achieve your goals. Later, you can clarify how each dimension coordinates with others, so you produce a healthy balanced life as a whole person.

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