12-Steps to Co-create a Healthy and Sustainable Future and Evolve into a New Loving Species

This 12-Step program introduces a comprehensive blueprint on how we can finally create a healthy and sustainable future.  I want to share this vision, including its practical tools, methods, and ethics, with you for FREE.  I choose to share my life’s work with you because we face multiple life-threatening crises and have limited time to cooperatively transform the world into a successful, healthy and sustainable future.

Ultimately, this program provides the vision, map, tools, and ethics to resolve the two greatest challenges facing humanity:
1.    How do we solve the many life-threatening crises that exist in the world today?
2.    How do we utilize our natural, co-creator capacities to finally develop a healthy and sustainable future?

In relation to the first challenge, nuclear weapons, global climate disruptions, the 6th Great Extinction, and violent discrimination place the future of humanity in extreme danger.  Yet, solving such individual problems proves extremely difficult, as each exists within complex interdependent relationships.  Our traditional approaches focus largely on separateness, rather than relationship and oneness perspectives, and therefore, they fail to resolve these difficulties.  Moreover, Albert Einstein indicated that we cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking that created them.

In efforts to address these life-threatening crises, while we simultaneously act to create a healthy and sustainable future, I have worked for over fifty years to develop and refine this comprehensive, 12-Step program.  It introduces a systematic roadmap to guide us to solve these interconnected problems, while we simultaneously expand our consciousness.  As we work to create a healthy and sustainable future that benefits us, our loved ones, and the world, we naturally help solve these life-threatening problems.

Ultimately, our success and survival depend on fulfilling two essential needs in life—healthy living and sustainable living.  We rely on healthy growth and sustainable maintenance to prevent destruction, so we can thrive and survive.  To fulfill these universal needs, our internal functioning and our external life-support systems must operate in harmony and in support of healthy sustainability living and regeneration.

I will now briefly summarize each step to help you understand this 12-step program:

Step 1.  We need a New Human Story that transcends and includes our limited Present Human Story.  This New Story includes all six of our inherited natures (Human, Social, Species, Planetary, Evolutionary, and Spiritual), while our Present Story usually considers only three of these natures (Human, Social, and Spiritual).  Due to the perceptual limitations in our Present Story, we produce remarkable successes in areas in which we are interested, while we often generate destructive and unsustainable side-effects in areas beyond our special-interests.  Thus, we succeed, but at the cost of risking the lives of all future generations of humanity.
Step 2. Fortunately, we can awaken to and embrace hidden aspects of our Spiritual nature.  For instance, our Authentic Self arises from our Spiritual nature to empower us as co-creators in the conscious evolution of the universe.  Our co-creation capacities derive from the four unconditional dynamics of the Power of our consciousness to create Unique mutations that add Worth to ourselves.  When we also act to add worth to others and the world, we enliven the fourth dynamic of Love.  Thus, our Spiritual nature empowers us to achieve our higher purposes in life, in which we serve all people, the world, and reality, as we attempt to satisfy our self-centered and group-centered concerns. These first two steps reveal our unconditional nature from which we need to ground in order to successfully co-create a healthy and sustainable future in our ever-changing, conditional world.
Step 3. As our Authentic Self, we can both prevent and Heal False Beliefs and Shadows.  False beliefs often develop when we perceive threats to our lives, when no imminent threat actually exists.  For instance, we may feel powerless, self-less, worthless, or loveless in the situation.  We then naturally react with fear that generates automatic fight, flight, or freeze reactions to save us.  This combination of false beliefs and primitive reactions is remembered, and in the process, it produces a Shadow of the past that follows us into future similar situations.  For instance, these beliefs and reactions reactivate and hi-jack our perceptions and actions in the new situation.  Thus, they frequently harm us, others, and the world.  We heal both the false beliefs and the reactions by consciously waking up, grounding in our authentic self, and then, choosing and practicing healthy responses for the situation.  In these ways, we rewire our brain to respond in healthy manners in similar future situations.
Step 4. We need to expand our consciousness beyond our traditional self-centered and group-centered awareness (that leads to both successes and unsustainable outcomes).  Consciousness Growth into higher levels of awareness allows us to care for all humanity, the planet, and the evolution of the world, so we protect the life-support systems necessary for our continued existence.
Step 5. We learn to develop, integrate, and then balance the 12 major dimensions of life that serve as the ingredients for Individual Healthy Living.
Step 6. The same 12 dimensions of human life contribute to Societal Healthy Living in our family, business, community, nation, and the world.  Thus, we now have a blueprint on how to systematically create healthy living throughout society and the global community.
Step 7. We have traditionally lived guided by Dominant/dependent relationships that often unsuspectingly propel us toward an unsustainable future.  In contrast, we need to develop our three more advanced styles of Healthy Relationships.  These include our unique Independence within us, our Interdependence with others, and our Oneness with the whole.  A successful future depends on our conscious use of these four relationship styles to create both health and sustainability..
Step 8. Our children require Healthy Parenting that teaches Steps 1-7, as well as develops their multiple intelligences and the skills for personal “mind management.”  Children also learn to embody their natural co-creator capacities, so they can responsibly help build a healthy and sustainable future..
Step 9. Healthy Sustainable Living requires that we prioritize how to fulfill both healthy living and sustainable living.  This includes aligning our personal reality with the existing external reality that has taken billions of years to successfully evolve.
Step 10. Healthy Sustainable Institutions satisfy the goals for healthy living and sustainable living as their highest priorities.  They can then pursue their institutional special-interests, while serving these larger life goals.
Step 11. Peace on the Personal to Global levels naturally improves through practicing Steps 1-10.  Importantly, when we embody our Authentic Self, we naturally invite internal peace.  When we appreciate these authentic dynamics in others, and apply Healthy Sustainable Living practices across the six natures of our New Human Story, we then cultivate peace throughout the world.
Step 12. A Global Ethical System designed to create a Healthy and Sustainable Future guides and integrates the previous 11 steps.  We then evolve into responsible co-creators who contribute health and sustainability to others and the world, as we develop into a more Loving Human Species.  We work to integrate our internal reality with the existing external reality, instead of forcing the external world to change to meet our personal and group desires.  Thus, we consciously work to benefit all our life-support systems, including within ourselves, with others, the planet, and reality as a whole.

In the following 12-Step video, I expand my summary of each step, and then, briefly describe how to integrate the steps to create a thriving future.  Later, I will share a detailed presentation that includes the tools and practices that apply in each individual step. (In the future, you will be able to access each of these detailed presentations by clicking on the step that you desire in the 12-Step map above.  If it is not available yet, my book Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future provides many practical tools applicable to Steps 2-12).

Unfortunately, our present situation appears so dangerous that we need to work urgently and cooperatively to solve these threats, as we simultaneously develop healthy sustainable lifestyles.  We also need to integrate our inner, interpersonal, and outer worlds to function in harmony, so we evolve into responsible and successful co-creators who benefit the whole.  In the process, we participate as happy, loving, empowered people.  Since we presently have this rare and timely opportunity to transform ourselves and the world, I want to share this comprehensive program, including its practical tools and methods with you, all for FREE.

If you want to participate in this historic grassroots movement to help transform the world into a healthy and sustainable future, as well as benefit you, your relationships, and the planet, please feel free to use these tools and methods.  Simply contact me at [email protected] regarding the tools that you choose to use and the results that you achieve.  Initially, you may want to select a particular step that appeals to you, so you can later integrate other steps into your efforts.  In this way, we can work cooperatively to evolve a healthy and sustainable future that also helps solve our life-threatening problems.

At last, we have a holistic roadmap that provides practical tools to empower us to act as responsible and successful co-creators in life.  We can develop our greatest potentials, guided by the ethics of health, sustainability, and our New Human Story, so we live in integrity with all our life-support systems.  At this crucial time in human history, we have the most profound choices ever available to humans.  We can choose to transform ourselves and humanity, so we co-create a world that protects and promotes life for all future generations.

Please click here to watch the video presentation that summarizes these 12-steps in greater detail and how they work together to create a healthy and sustainable future.

The Following Books Provide Further Explanations

Transform the World into a Healthy Sustainable Future

Transform the World
Into a Healthy and Sustainable Future

This book confronts the ultimate challenge facing humanity—do we continue to evolve, or do we tragically devolve into destruction? Climate disruptions, wars, and the 6th Great Extinction threaten our future. We urgently need the new visions and practical tools introduced in this book to continue our success and survival on the planet.

Two particular course corrections will ultimately determine our future. We must fulfill these two essential needs in life—health (to grow, as we avoid sickness and suffering) and sustainability (to maintain, as we prevent destruction and death). Yet, we lack the cognitive capacities, the consciousness, and the comprehensive tools necessary to meet these crucial needs.

This book introduces a toolbox of models and practices to expand our normal consciousness, so we can systematically develop healthy living and sustainable living. Individuals, families, businesses, and the world community can apply these tools and cooperatively activate healthy sustainable lifestyles.

Twelve major course corrections combine to accelerate this shift from our present unsustainable path onto a healthy sustainable path. These course corrections include: how to improve healthy living for individuals, all levels of society, and the planet, while systematically healing problems that occur in each of these areas. Additional course corrections include: expanding our consciousness to value the whole world and managing our minds to integrate our five evolutionary brains, as we learn to apply advanced skills in relationships, parenting, and peaceful living. We also have to update our institutions, particularly our capitalist economic system, to serve healthy sustainable living as the highest priority in life.

Guided by a global ethical system, we finally have a map on how to stay within the natural boundaries essential for life. Then, guided by a universal ethical system, we can progressively awaken our untapped spiritual, evolutionary, and human being potentials. We then have the opportunities to fulfill our higher purposes in life that include how to create a successful bridge into the future in which people and the planet survive and flourish.

Tom Bougsty is also the author of:

Healthy Sustainable Living
A Vision for the Future of Humanity

We must be alive before we can create success in any other areas of life. Continued life depends upon our fulfilling two essential needs: healthy living (to grow and prevent sickness and suffering) and sustainable living (to maintain and avoid destruction and death).

This book introduces visions and practices that apply universally to people. Connecting with our core functioning as humans, we can finally succeed with how to live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet. For instance, a Global Ethical Living Model provides a simple map of reality from which we can evaluate both the evolutionary and devolutionary consequences of all our actions. As an example, we can comprehensively evaluate the destructive threats posed by fossil fuel use, so we can then choose constructive solutions that promote our continued successful evolution.

We finally have tools to help us make responsible decisions on how to live in harmony with ourselves, other people, the environment, and evolution, so we can create a successful, healthy sustainable future.

We at Healthy-Sustainable-Living.org want to do all we can to create a healthy sustainable world that works for all, while we still can.  To accomplish this vital goal, we want to share our visions, tools, and methods for FREE to anyone who wants to help improve healthy and sustainable functioning in their personal lives and throughout the world.

Yet, for us to develop and distribute these free materials requires hard work and, of course, additional expenses.  Therefore, we would certainly appreciate your support in these efforts to help save humanity and the world.  Please contribute any amount you choose to support our grassroots efforts to transform the world.  Simply click the PayPal button below to contribute.  Thank you!  And power to us–the people!