Tom Bougsty, author of:

Healthy Sustainable Living: A Vision for the Future of Humanity and
Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future


At the first Earth Day I awakened to the realization that humans cause or contribute to most of the problems that we experience in the world. Therefore, I concluded that we can likely contribute to the solutions, as well as the prevention of such difficulties in the future. To accomplish these positive contributions, I changed my career path to train as a psychologist at Colorado State University. After my spouse, Pru Marshall, and I graduated with PhDs in 1980, we opened a psychotherapy and consultation practice in Cheyenne, Wyoming that we have enjoyed for over 40 years. During this time period, we raised one wonderful son, Skye Bougsty-Marshall.

While writing a comprehensive book on evolving our consciousness and embodying our spiritual, human being nature, so we can create a healthy and sustainable future, the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement occurred. Although people sometimes risked their lives for change, their efforts at revolution often lacked a comprehensive vision and necessary practices to create systematic, transformational change. Therefore, I shifted my focus to writing a book to offer a positive, universal vision for humanity that included the necessary tools to evolve ourselves, societies, and humanity into more successful transformations. The new book was entitled, Healthy Sustainable Living: A Vision for the Future of Humanity.

To identify a universal vision, I examined fundamental human motivations relative to the natural dynamics of evolution. I discovered a unifying vision to motivate all people.  Everyone universally desires health (instead of sickness) and sustainability (rather than death). Similarly, successful evolution depends on a progression from our perceived separateness into developing interdependent relationships that ultimately create increased complexity and oneness. The integration of these universal internal human motivations and the external evolutionary processes make healthy sustainable living a natural vision from which to guide our future development.

Healthy Sustainable Living: A Vision for the Future of HumanityTo achieve this vision, I introduced practical tools in the form of models and methods to help people create a blueprint for responsible choices on how to create a healthy sustainable future. In addition, I developed a global ethical system, based on the evolution of life, to protect against unintended destructive outcomes. As a consequence, the vision and tools introduce a relatively simple and responsible means to develop a healthy future across all levels of humanity, and simultaneously, intentionally avoid harm to others, the world, and to the evolutionary processes that support our lives.

To complement the Healthy Sustainable Living book, I also developed a model with a practical questionnaire on how people can develop healthy living comprehensively in their personal lives. This set of tools provides models and methods on how to achieve healthy living and identify higher purposes in life for each individual. This integral model incorporates twelve universal dimensions of life that must function, interact cooperatively, and balance to create healthy living. Since the human brain only perceives one to six items consciously at one time, the model presents an evolutionary leap forward. People can finally perceive the major dimensions that separately contribute to health, examine the complexity of their interconnected relationships, and comprehend how all function together to generate health as a whole person. As people improve their personal health, greater opportunities arise to apply these universal principles of healthy living to foster healthy sustainable future for all.

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