How to Develop Healthy Sustainable Businesses

Webinars can be developed to help transform the business community and our present economic system into a healthy sustainable economy. This crucial, economic course correction evolves us from outdated, 18th century assumptions and practices still employed by the capitalist economy and enable us to develop appropriate 21st century assumptions and practices to guide us into a successful future. For instance, our current economy primarily pursues profits for businesses (group-interests) and the personal desires of consumers (self-interests). It significantly fails to serve, and often exploits, the world-interests of human and planetary life, essential for both businesses and consumers to survive and thrive. Therefore, we need to develop an economic system that serves a successful 21st century that promotes health and sustainability for the whole world.

These webinars can include how to develop businesses and their services, so they fulfill the two underlying needs necessary for us to perform successfully in all other areas of life— sustainable living (survival) and healthy living (growth and maintenance). The webinars range from teaching how to create healthy living for employees and the public, healthy sustainable living for the world, global ethical living, healing personal and societal problems, enlivening our deeper spiritual, human being nature, and systematically developing cooperative relationships designed to benefit the business, consumers, the public, and the planet simultaneously. Businesses need to develop into healthy sustainable enterprises that model and lead the world into a viable future for all.

The caring folks at have the capacity to create and share these webinars on how to develop a successful 21st century economy, if enough people show interest in their development. Yet, as you know this requires hard work, time, and financial support. Let us know if you are interested in these systematic webinars to transform our economic system to create a healthy sustainable future.

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