Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future

A healthy sustainable future depends on initiating a number of course corrections into both our personal lives and the larger world. Unfortunately, our current, seemingly successful path leads toward increasing risks of destruction and devolution due to such issues as climate disruptions, ecosystem breakdowns, terrorism, wars, and the 6th Great Extinction.

To transform onto a sustainable path, we must fulfill the two universal needs in life—healthy living (growth that avoids sickness and suffering) and sustainable living (maintenance that prevents destruction and death). Yet, we consciously perceive only several items at a time, leaving us unable to perceive reality fully enough to create a healthy sustainable future.

This book introduces visionary models that serve like maps to expand our consciousness of ourselves and the world. We then have the opportunity to integrate the separate, interdependent relationships, and oneness natures of reality, so we intentionally create healthy sustainable living. For instance, a Healthy Living Model portrays 12 separate dimensions of life that need to function, interact in synergistic relationships, and balance to form a whole healthy person. A Societal Healthy Living Model emerges to extend healthy functioning throughout all levels of society. Finally, a Global Ethical Model guides us to achieve healthy sustainable living with ourselves, others, and the planet.

As Einstein famously said, we cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. Fortunately, as spiritual and evolutionary beings, we have the capacity to transcend our normal, limited human perspectives. We can awaken to a universal set of ethics to guide our development. We can then evolve our capabilities to prevent, as well as heal, most of the problems in our personal, societal, and planetary lives that we unintentionally create with our limited consciousness and the default functions of our evolutionary brain.

Finally, 12 major course corrections redirect us from our present unsustainable path onto a healthy sustainable path. Thus, we systematically awaken our untapped potentials and develop our greatest capabilities, so we benefit our separate self, our relationships with others, and the world as whole, simultaneously. We can then fulfill our highest spiritual, evolutionary, and human purposes in life in which we live in integrity with reality, so we continue on our precious evolutionary journey.

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