An epic challenge confronts us where we have to develop visions and practical tools that can transform us onto a successful and sustainable path for ourselves, our children, and all humanity. The following books introduce these essential visions and tools, so we can transcend our present successful, but unsustainable path, and intentionally create a healthy sustainable future that benefits all.

Transform the World Into a Healthy and Sustainable Future

Transform the World Into a Healthy Sustainable Future

This new book presents the visions, ethics, and practices on how to create a successful future for humanity and the planet.

Twelve major course corrections integrate changes from the personal to the global levels to enable us to finally create a viable future for our families, businesses, communities, nations, and the world.

Initially, we learn to use the Healthy Living Model to develop comprehensive healthy living as individuals. We develop, integrate, and balance 12 dimensions of life that each contribute to our health. Since health on all levels of society depends on these same 12 dimensions, we can naturally expand the model into a Societal Healthy Living Model that generates health across all levels of society. The most powerful tool that integrates the first two models and the six levels of evolution guides us to create healthy sustainable living for humanity and the planet. This Global Ethical Living Model enables us to engage in responsible evolution, while preventing destruction and devolution.

We learn to expand our consciousness beyond the normal 1-6 items that we naturally perceive (these limited perceptions of reality sentence us to an unsustainable future). We also expand our consciousness beyond our traditional self- and group-centered awareness (unsustainable levels of awareness) to include all humanity and the world necessary for a sustainable future. In addition, we learn to integrate our five evolutionary brain functions, so our personal reality progressively reflects reality as a whole, facilitating us to live in harmony with all.

Our relationships can evolve beyond the traditional dominant/dependent styles, and instead, develop personal independence, followed by interdependent relationships in which all parties win in healthy sustainable ways, and finally culminate in our natural oneness with all.

We can systematically parent the next generation by applying these tools and skills, as we also support our children to develop their natural spiritual and human being capacities that include 12 forms of intelligence integrated through their evolutionary brain.

In terms of societal institutions, we can initiate the development of a healthy sustainable economy that transcends and includes the best of our capitalist economic system. In this process, the evolved economy will serve human and planetary life as the highest priorities, instead of money and consumption as the most important values. In this way, we course correct from our current path, guided largely by personal desires, that leads toward devolution.  Instead, we establish an inclusive path toward our continuing evolution.

We learn to generate internal peace that enables us to create external peace with others and the world. Larger purposes in life emerge from our hidden capacities embedded in our spiritual, evolutionary, planetary, and species natures, as depicted by a Universal Ethical Model.

As we manage our minds and integrate our evolutionary brains, we learn to train our natural subconscious fears of imaginary death threats to not react with destructive coping. As we manage our fears and reactivity, we can shift our attention to positive growth. We can then step beyond our traditional self- and group-centered awareness, so we responsibly care for all people and the planet. We can participate in grassroots movements in which we empower ourselves to help transform people and the world into a healthy sustainable future.

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Healthy Sustainable Living: A Vision for the Future of Humanity

Healthy Sustainable Living book cover

My book, Healthy Sustainable Living:  A Vision for the Future of Humanity, introduces models to create healthy living for individuals, society, and the planet. A Healthy Living Model designed for individuals expands into a Societal Healthy Living Model, so we can develop health throughout society from the personal to family, business, community, national, and global levels. A Comprehensive Healthy Living Model then provides assessment tools to evaluate the underlying causes of any personal, societal, and environmental problem. We can then systematically intervene with precise timing and coordinated treatment, prevention, and wellness interventions to improve our overall functioning.

A Global Ethical Living Model reveals how our human activities affect other people, as well as the physical and biological environments of the planet. This model introduces opportunities to create healthy living from the local to the global levels, while we simultaneously protect both people and the planet from harm. We finally have tools to help us develop healthy sustainable living for all.

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