Praise for the book: Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future

“This deeply intelligent book is wonderfully comprehensive and helpful. It combines a scientific understanding of our evolved human nature with a profound exploration of our spiritual possibilities. And it applies these insights to personal practice and public policy in order to address what is frankly an emergency for both our species and this planet. Clearly written and vast in scope, this is a beautiful book.”
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Resilience: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness and Buddha’s Brain

“Every so often someone comes along who is willing to take the time, has the patience and the heart mind intelligence, is of sufficient depth and breadth of soul and spirit to truly take on the human condition and has the courage to do something truly significant. In this case, to build a bridge from where “we” are to where and how we, as an evolutionary species, might be able to go for a just, healthy, sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling life on our beloved planet.

Breath taking in its scope, vast in his erudition, and thrilling in its vision, Tom Bougsty is now well positioned in the lineage of Ken Wilber … This book becomes a lifetime companion — a friend and a guide for humanity’s journey to adulthood. A deep bow to the author and for what he stands.
John Steiner, co-founder of Bridge Alliance and co-leader of Mediators Foundation

“Tom Bougsty is a clear and fresh voice calling us with energy and wise, compassionate insight to the next state of our transformation. What is crucial about Tom’s work is the inclusion of the core of our identity, not only what we usually call the personal, but also the social, political, economic, spiritual, and evolutionary dimensions of self.

In articulating twelve clear domains of transformative change which are each urgently needed to create the new identity that will birth a better tomorrow for ourselves and the planet, Tom participates powerfully in the chorus of voices calling for a new vision of identity that is directly emerging a New Universe Story.

If you are going to read one practical book about how to up level your identity by including all of its facets in an integrated sustainable whole—read Tom. Reading Tom is not just a meta-theoretical exercise, it is a direct contribution to healing suffering, both your own and that of so many others in your wider community.”
Dr. Marc Gafni, author of A Return to Eros and Your Unique Self and President of the Center for Integral Wisdom and Evolutionary Church

“Tom invites us to choose new directions on how to create a healthy existence based on an inspired vision for the future of human life that is rich and complex, with practical tools to help realize it. In a time when many are fearful for our collective future, or are focused on a piece of the solution, this book lays out an integrated model of conscious evolution that is at once a developmental and ethical path toward a better future.”
Geoff Fitch, co-founder of Pacific Integral

“Congratulations on this sacred work. … I can certainly feel your passion in the book, and I honor the deep wisdom you are bringing to the world of business. This is a tremendous effort, so a deep bow of gratitude and appreciation to you.”
Stephen Dynako, Program Director, Conscious Business Innerprise of Humanity’s Team

“I love how beautifully you are laying out the case for health and sustainability as an urgent need. Thank you for putting this out into the world … it is so nurturing and such a treasure.”
Ada Smith Jackson, Founder, ENSO Strategy Partners, Centre for Social Innovation, NY.

“As someone who has taught and practiced integral approaches to peaceful and conscious evolution I am thrilled with the brilliant scholarship of Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future. It is powerfully original. This is a profoundly insightful, relevant and timely book.”
James O’Dea acclaimed author, teacher, former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences