Meditation: Embody your unconditional Authentic Self

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Our Authentic Self arises from our spiritual and evolutionary natures. Therefore, it reveals a deeper, unconditional nature within us that exists largely beyond fears. It provides the necessary four ingredients for us to perceive and act as co-creators in the world. Traditionally, we have failed to notice our authentic self, as we normally live guided by our everyday, conditional human self that relies on our limited sense organs and brain functions to interpret the ever-changing events of life. In this conditional world, we attempt to grow and maintain, while avoiding destruction.

The limited consciousness used by our conditional human self fails to perceive much of the world. Thus, we tend to succeed with what we perceive, but in the process, unsuspectingly create most of the problems that we experience in life by damaging areas beyond our everyday perceptions. Fortunately, when we ground in our spiritual and evolutionary natures, we open the door to transcend and resolve most of the human problems that we have created.

For instance, beyond the events of everyday life, our spiritual, evolutionary consciousness remains free to simply be aware of whatever arises. Our deeper witness nature of our “Authentic Self” remains beyond time, place, and phenomena and introduces the capacities to perceive and act in greater integrity with the world.

I am sharing this meditation to help you experience and ground in the four fundamental dynamics of our Authentic Self. Experiencing these dynamics frees us to naturally transcend, and safely include, the struggles of everyday living. We can then activate the hidden powers provided by our authentic self, so we perform as natural co-creators in the evolution of the world. We ground in these dynamics to heal the false beliefs and dangerous reactions that our human self often produces. Our authentic self also naturally places us on the spiritual and evolutionary path to healthy sustainable living—the ultimate course correction that we need in this troubled, conditional world in which we live.

If you are interested, we at are willing to continue to create meditations and audios similar to this one. For example, we can create a meditation that teaches you how to ground in six levels of love.  These six levels require reciprocal loving relationships between our fundamental life-support systems and ourselves, so we can continue to survive and thrive.  Then, when we ground in our Authentic Self to perceive these six loving relationships, we open the door to transform the world into a healthy sustainable future guided by love.

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